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Subject: Re: [wsrp] getResource question

I don't know if this rephrasing will help:

Current draft:
Portlet URLs have several options for resource URLs:
1. Just specify wsrp-url => Consumer must use proxying mechanism to fetch the resource.
2. Just specify wsrp-resourceID => Consumer must use getResource operation
3. Specify both wsrp-url & wsrp-resourceID => Consumer has a choice ... portlet can guide choice using wsrp-preferOperation

Drop wsrp-resourceID and change semantics of wsrp-preferOperation to say which mechanism to use. This drops option #3, but could also reduce complexity (two url parameters rather than three, eliminates issue of URL<->ID mapping, ...).

Subbu, does this capture your thoughts?
If so, do people prefer the current or the proposal?


Subbu Allamaraju <subbu@bea.com>

05/31/05 10:06 AM

wsrp <wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org>
Re: [wsrp] getResource question

Rich Thompson wrote:
> The original proposal for the url parameters for getResource had
> parameters serving multiple uses depending on which technique was being
> used to fetch the resource. People thought this added complexity for the
> reader and set a direction for unique identifiers. At the time it was
> also noted that this allowed portlet URLs to provide identifiers for
> both forms of resource fetching such that the Consumer could be allowed
> to choose which to use. The wsrp-preferOperation parameter was added to
> provide guidance on the Portlet's preference if both mechanisms were
> supported.

It seems that we got it backwards here. In all other cases, Producer
makes some choices based on what is right for the producer, but in this
case, the Consumer seems responsible for deciding how a resource gets
served. My fear is that this would make producer admin's job more
difficult. For example, for a wsrp 2.0 producer, the admin may have to
secure both http traffic and SOAP traffic for resources. I would prefer
to let the Producer make the right choice, and let the Consumer simply
work with that choice, even if that means supporting getResource
operation to be V2 compliant. That way, this behavior would be
consistent across the spec.



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