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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Re: [wsrp-interfaces] Groups - Interfaces_Minutes.html uploaded

The discussion resulted in understanding there is value to the case where the Producer can make a resource available both via the transport proxy and operation mechanisms. Additional text is being added to clarify the control the Portlet/Producer has over what mechanism is available to the Consumer.

As to section 10.4, it was noted there was a forward reference to this section and as we reexamined it, its focus was providing a clue on how cookies could be used to provide state to the transport proxy mechanism since v1 did not have an operation for fetching resources. Given that we do now have the operation, that the operation is the preferred mechanism for passing Portlet state while requesting a resource and the general tone we have taken of not encouraging cookie use, it was felt 10.4 should be deleted. At a minimum, whatever text we think needs to be kept ought to move to section with the rest of the discussion about resources. Is there a portion of the text that you think is important to keep?


Michael Freedman <michael.freedman@oracle.com>

06/02/05 08:16 PM

wsrp <wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org>
[wsrp] Re: [wsrp-interfaces] Groups - Interfaces_Minutes.html uploaded

Rich, can you elaborate on the minutes item:
Complexity of 3 url parameters for resource urls

Rich to email out an additional sentence for
Delete section 10.4 and references to it from elsewhere - anticipated operation has now been added

What was discussed/resolved regarding the complexity?  Why delete this section vs. using it to clarify how to reference state when http proxy is used?

icht2@us.ibm.com wrote:
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Added minutes for June 2, 2005 teleconference

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