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Subject: Schema types for ScopedPropertyDescription

On page 26 of draft 12, there is some language around usage of the name 
and type elements. I have some comments on the current language.

1. name: The conformance statement reads that the name "MUST have a 
non-zero length. But this statement is redundant since "" is not a valid 

2. type: There is a statement reading

"We would encourage these to be either from the set of schema defined 
types or be explicitly ...".

This means that the following would be a valid description of a scoped 


To carry such a scoped property, the sender will have to construct some 
xml like

<urn:transientProperty name="ns1:expiryDate">

But this is invalid since there is no such element named dateTime.

So, unless I'm mistaken, we can't make a recommendation to use schema 
types. The only exception is the "xs:string" type, since strings can be 
carried via the stringValue element.

BTW, the primer has such an invalid XML, and needs to be fixed.

Any comments? Am I missing something?


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