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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Semantics of capabilities in property descriptions

The intent is to allow a portlet to express a requirement for a particular property to have a value before normal use on a page (e.g. an email portlet requiring the mail server's URI). This makes a lot of sense for registration and customization properties and the spec calls out when the semantics of other uses of this descriptive structure override the possible setting of this capability.

I agree that "sender" is better than "user" for both sentences and have changed it for draft 13. As always; if anyone has a proposal for a clearer term, please propose it. In particular, any suggestions that would be better than "capabilities"?


Subbu Allamaraju <subbu@bea.com>

12/14/05 02:47 PM

OASIS WSRP TC <wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org>
[wsrp] Semantics of capabilities in property descriptions

When a producer declares that a given property is required (via
capability wsrp:required), is it valid for a consumer to not supply a
value. There may be use cases where the consumer cannot simply supply a

The current wording in the spec is as follows:

wsrp:required: This capability means that the user has to supply a value
for this property. If this capability is not set, the user of the
property may choose whether or not to supply a value.

The intent of this wording (particularly the second sentence) is not
very clear to me. I presume the term "user" means the "sender" of the

(BTW, the term "capability" in this context seems a bit awkward.)



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