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Subject: Fw: [uddi-spec] UDDI Business Registry Shutdown and Transition


Mit freundlichen Gruessen / best regards,

        Richard Jacob
IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany
Dept.8288, WebSphere Portal Server Development
WSRP Team Lead & Technical Lead
WSRP Standardization
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                                       [uddi-spec] UDDI Business Registry  
                                       Shutdown and Transition             

RESENDING, copying all members directly in CC: list since I have not seen
earlier message via the uddi-spec TC mailing list.

To: Members and Observers of the OASIS UDDI Specification Technical

With the approval of UDDI V3 earlier this year, and the momentum it has
achieved in market adoption, IBM, Microsoft and SAP have evaluated the
status of the UDDI Business Registry and determined it has achieved the
goals for the project.  Given this, we announced today to  users of the
UDDI Business Registry  that it will be discontinued as of Jan. 12, 2006.
We believe the success of  UDDI was significantly enhanced by the existence
of UBR for proof of concept and testing.  IBM, Microsoft and SAP are
pleased to have contributed to the creation of this standard and its
successful progress in the industry.  We particularly appreciate the
support and ongoing commitment of  the OASIS organization and the UDDI TC

The base FAQ document that will be posted to our websites is also attached.
This FAQ may be amended by each company for specifics related to the

SAP, IBM and Microsoft continue to be active members of the OASIS UDDI
Specification TC and their participation in that group is not affected by
this announcement.  Thanks again for your support during the UDDI Business
Registry project and we look forward to ongoing development and discussion
in this Technical Committee.


Andrew Hately
Acting Managing Director, UDDI Business Registry
IBM Software Group, Emerging Technologies
email: hately@us.ibm.com(See attached file: UBR Shutdown FAQ final
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Title: UDDI Business Registry Shutdown FAQ

1. Why are IBM, Microsoft and SAP discontinuing the operation of the UDDI Business Registry?

The UDDI Business Registry (UBR) was part of the UDDI Project announced in September 2000. The project goals were to define a set of specifications to enable description, discovery and integration and to prove interoperability through a shared implementation of those specifications and provide feedback to refine the specifications through operational experience. The specifications were contributed to the OASIS international standards consortium in 2002. In May of 2003 and February 2005, respectively, the UDDI version 2 and UDDI Version 3 specifications were approved as OASIS standards. The primary goal of the UBR was to prove the interoperability and robustness of the UDDI specifications through a public implementation. This goal was met and far exceeded. The UBR ran for 5 years, demonstrating live, industrial strength UDDI implementations managing over 50,000 replicated entries. The practical demonstration provided by the UBR helped in the ratification of UDDI specifications as OASIS standards and several software vendors now include UDDI support as a key feature in their software products. UDDI registries are being broadly deployed to solve application and service integration challenges.


2. Will IBM, Microsoft and SAP continue to support the UDDI specifications in their products?

IBM, Microsoft and SAP have all implemented the UDDI specifications in their respective products and the support for the UDDI in those products is unaffected by this announcement.


3. Will IBM, Microsoft or SAP continue to operate a public UDDI site?

The UDDI Business Registry (the public UDDI demonstration registry) is being discontinued. Questions about other public UDDI sites should be addressed to each of the individual companies separately.


4. What happens to the information that was entered into the UDDI Business Registry?

The information will be handled in accordance with the terms of the individual registry to which the information was provided. Publication to the sites will be disabled as of January 12, 2006 and no new information will be accepted. Users will be able to login and use the web pages and programming interfaces until January 12, 2006 to retrieve any public information.


5. Can I still use my userid and password to access other Microsoft, SAP or IBM web sites?

Any private account information that was established with Microsoft, SAP or IBM is unaffected by this announcement.


6. If I made copies of public information that was in the UDDI Business Registry, can I keep using the information?

Any use of information obtained or copied from the UDDI Business Registry must still comply with the UDDI Business Registry terms of use:


Anyone (i.e. a "User") has the right to copy and use any or all Public Information about any Business contained in this service registry for any lawful purpose. For performance reasons, we may put limits on how much Information can be copied at one time.


By copying and using such Information, the User agrees that it will not:


  • make material changes to the substance of any Information about any Business without that Business's express permission,
  • use such Information for any illegal purpose or for "spamming", (i.e. the transmission of mass unsolicited commercial advertising or solicitations via e-mail),
  • use such Information to represent itself as some other Business,
  • re-host the Information and represent itself as an Operator of a UDDI service registry whose data is automatically shared with other instances of the UDDI service registry,
  • use any UDDI related trademarks or logos without express permission, or
  • attempt to make copies of data included in the service registries for the purpose of interfering with or slowing down the performance of the service registry for other Users.
  • We can provide no assurances that Information will only be used as described above. We are not responsible for the improper use, or any use, of any Information.


    7. What is UDDI?

    The Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) specifications define a registry service for Web services and for other electronic and non-electronic services. A UDDI registry service is a Web service that manages information about service providers, service implementations, and service metadata. Service providers can use UDDI to advertise the services they offer. Service consumers can use UDDI to discover services that suit their requirements and to obtain the service metadata needed to consume those services. The UDDI V2.0 and 3.0 specifications have been approved as OASIS Standards and are maintained by the OASIS UDDI Specification technical committee. Numerous vendors and open source communities supply products that implement the UDDI standards.


    8. What is the relationship between the OASIS UDDI Spec TC and the UDDI Business Registry operators?

    The OASIS UDDI Spec TC coordinated with the UBR operators in order to get early feedback from their implementation experiences. SAP, IBM and Microsoft continue to be active members of the OASIS UDDI Spec TC and their participation in that group is not affected by this announcement.


    9. Where can I find information on available UDDI products and development tools?

    UDDI product and development tool information is available at http://uddi.org/solutions.html page.

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