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Subject: Re: [wsrp] CloneBeforeWrite

The concept behind the portletStateChange field is providing each of the two parties the control they need to be able to exert:

Consumer: Only the Consumer knows if it is sharing the portletHandle among multiple users, regardless of whether the portletHandle is a Producer Offered Portlet handle or a previous clone. Whenever this is true (it is always true for POPs), the Consumer has the choice of allowing user customizations (cloneBeforeWrite) or not (readOnly, unless the Consumer wants the user to be able to customize the portlet for the whole group).

Producer: When a portlet tries to write to a customization value, the Producer should look at the portletStateChange flag to determine how to proceed:
  readOnly -> fail the attempt to write the customization value
  readWrite -> allow the write to update the customization value
  cloneBeforeWrite -> generate a cloned portletHandle, apply the update to this new handle and ensure it gets returned to the Consumer

I would note that the above means that a new portletHandle should only be returned if the Consumer said "cloneBeforeWrite" AND the Portlet updated a customization value. There may be Producers who are unable to insert the right logic in the code path for updating a customization value. For those Producers, I would expect them to produce a clone when starting to process a request specifying "cloneBeforeWrite". This results in unnecessary clones, but once they are not shared, the Consumer should start specifying "readWrite" ... so at least it is a bounded problem.


"Mike Caffyn" <mike@netunitysoftware.com>

01/09/06 02:13 PM

"'OASIS WSRP TC'" <wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org>
[wsrp] CloneBeforeWrite

Some clarification on the use of CloneBeforeWrite.
In the Primmer it looks like the CloneBeforeWrite is only valid on offered handles. Is this true? If you look at 6.1.2 Portlet Lifecycle (figure 5) it shows what seems to be only the portlet management interface can clone a clone. Can consumers call CloneBeforeWrite on already cloned handles? If so should a new handle be returned or is there any circumstance that the same handle could be returned.
I have seen a number different implementations treating the cloning in different ways. Is there a consensus on how cloning should occur.

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