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Subject: Re: [wsrp-comment] Public Comment

At its core, DHTML is a combination of technologies (CSS, Javascript, potentially XSL and DOM) augmenting HTML markup. CSS and scripts can either be inlined with the page or included by reference. If included by reference, a WSRP resource URL should be used and the wsrp-requiresRewrite portlet url parameter set to true so that the portlet markup's url rewriting is also applied to the resource.

Once the script is in the browser, it will be able to manipulate the DOM. One significant caveat is that the script will not be able to compose a url that the Consumer will understand as the Consumer is allowed to compose its urls in any manner it desires and many implementations use relatively complicated algorithms to encode various elements of state into the url.

In addition, if the script intends to hold state in the browser between what the user thinks are server interactions (i.e. pushing a submit button), the fact that the UI is composed from multiple independent components makes it likely state will be lost when the user interacts with a different portlet. This is not a WSRP-specific issue, but would it would be good to have a standardized solution for such components in an aggregated environment.

Rich Thompson


01/05/06 10:01 AM
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[wsrp-comment] Public Comment

Comment from: sumit.adlakha@csfb.com

Name: Sumit Adlakha
Title: Developer
Organization: CSFB
Regarding Specification: WSRP

Dear WSRP TC representatives,
     In its present specification does WSRP support DHTML? To elaborate the issue:-

We wish to develop portlets which will contain dynamic content, like DHTML, to change the page DOM while end-user interacts with it.

(1) While this portlet is developed according to WSRP and a Portal consumes it, is there a need to handle the DHTML explicitly or it will handled automatically ?

(2) If the DHTML is not handled automatically at the Portal, will there be a loss of state at the Portal and a call to the Producer will be required again ? Are there any specifc methods in WSRP which can help overcoming this loss of state?

Would appreciate your help.


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