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Subject: Re: [wsrp] CloneBeforeWrite

Hi Mike,

I have updated the diagram to indicate the consumers may cause an 
implicit cloning of a CCP by sending cloneBeforeWrite. Let me know if 
this helps.

The main use case for such cloning is to let multiple levels of 
customizations possible (e.g. super-admin, group-admin, user etc.).


Mike Caffyn wrote:
> Some clarification on the use of CloneBeforeWrite.
> In the Primmer it looks like the CloneBeforeWrite is only valid on 
> offered handles. Is this true? If you look at 6.1.2 Portlet Lifecycle 
> (figure 5) it shows what seems to be only the portlet management 
> interface can clone a clone. Can consumers call CloneBeforeWrite on 
> already cloned handles? If so should a new handle be returned or is 
> there any circumstance that the same handle could be returned.
> I have seen a number different implementations treating the cloning in 
> different ways. Is there a consensus on how cloning should occur.
> Thanks
> -Mike

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