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Subject: [wsrp] menu CSS class

As part of updating the menu example in the spec, I created a small test file that roughly reproduces what had previously been drawn in an editor using html and CSS. The one class I found to be missing in doing this was portlet-menu-cascade. This is an equivalent to portlet-menu at the top level, but allows things like having the border around the submenu match the text color in portlet-menu-item-hover. Any objections to adding this class?


Rich Thompson/Watson/IBM@IBMUS

01/20/06 07:23 AM

[wsrp] portlet-menu-description CSS class

I agreed yesterday to start this email thread.

We had feedback from CSS experts that the portlet-menu-description class appears inappropriate. In particular, it violates a number of UI guidelines used on various platforms and would be problematic for screen readers. The equivalent functionality is normally provided using tooltips, but these are handled via the underlying windowing system rather than being styled through CSS.

The questions we were all asked to investigate:

1. Do other CSS experts agree with this evaluation of the portlet-menu-description?

2. Is the portlet-menu-description class in use (i.e. would it be disruptive to remove it)?

As we are trying to move rapidly toward a "Committee Draft" level of the spec, early feedback on these questions would be great!

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