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Subject: Fw: IBM IP Disclosure: OASIS Web Services for Remote Portals - WSRPVersion 2 Specification

IBM's IPR statement submitted to OASIS.


IBM submits this Statement, to the OASIS Board of Directors for the Web
Services for Remote Portals Technical Committee of OASIS for
the WSRP Version 2 Specification (hereafter “Specification”).

IBM, as a Web Services for Remote Portals Technical Committee participant,
supports the intellectual property rights disclosure policy in the OASIS
Policy on Intellectual Property Rights.

IBM patent and patent application disclosures are based upon the working
knowledge of those individuals involved with the respective Technical
Committee and do not represent the results of an IBM patent portfolio

IBM believes the following published patent applications may, at this time,
contain one or more claims which, if issued,  may be Essential Claims with
respect to the  Specification.

Boehme et al.  “Distributing Information in a Markup Language Within a
Computer System.”  Pub. No. US 2002/0116511, August 22, 2002.

Schaeck et al.  “System and Method for Dynamically Integrating Remote
Portlets Into Portals.”  Pub. No. US 2002/0169852, November 14, 2002.

Stanley Jerrard-Dunne et al., “Portlet data sharing system, method, and 
program product.”
Pub. No. US 2004/0090969A1, May 13, 2004.

IBM will, upon written request, provide a nonexclusive, royalty free
patent license, with other reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms and
conditions, for those patents issued to IBM which  contain claims
essential, in IBM’s judgment, to implementations of the Specification and
for which IBM is able to provide patent licenses (including patents issuing
on the published patent applications disclosed above), for implementing the
Specification.  This patent license is available to all entities.  If a
party requesting a patent license also has claims essential to the
implementation of the Specification (hereafter “Requestor Claims”),  IBM
will grant this patent license only if the recipient, in return, will grant
IBM a reciprocal license, with substantially identical terms and
conditions, under the Requestor’s Claims. If a party has a license with
respect to IBM Essential Claims and acquires, by any means, one or more
Requestor Claims and refuses to grant IBM a reciprocal license (with
substantially identical terms and conditions) under such Requestor Claims,
IBM may suspend or revoke the license IBM granted to such party.

Any party wishing to request an IBM patent license, in support of the OASIS
WSRP Version 2 specification should contact:

IBM Vice-President Licensing
Intellectual Property and Standards
IBM Corporation
North Castle Drive, Armonk, N.Y, 10504

Or fax to:
IBM Vice-President Licensing
Intellectual Property and Standards
(914) 765-4420

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