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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] Fwd: Standards Watch: Service Modeling Language;Demo Show Doesn't Do Complexity

Thanks, Sally,

That is instructive.


At 1:29 PM -0800 2/5/07, Sally St. Amand wrote:
>Maybe this will help
>Rex Brooks <rexb@starbourne.com> wrote:
>If a second draft of SML was published in
>November, it managed to miss me. Anybody known
>anything more about this beastie? Sorry for any
>duplicated postings, but I wanted to get a wide
>audience on this.
>>Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 14:06:38 -0500 (EST)
>>From: "Network Computing
>>To: rexb@starbourne.com
>>Subject: Standards Watch: Service Modeling
>>Language; Demo Show Doesn't Do Complexity
>>X-DPOP: Version number supressed
>>  Network Computing Newsletter- Monday, February 5, 2007
>>  Everyone
>>loves a big, vendor-studded standards effort--if
>>it works. That's always the rub, isn't it? In
>>this issue,
>>take a close look at SML, or Service Modeling
>>Language, a multivendor effort to create a
>>common vocabulary for describing literally
>>*everything* in an IT environment--hardware,
>>software, applications and, eventually,
>>services. The idea is that standard descriptions
>>will make it easier for management products from
>>different vendors to share information about the
>>assets they manage.
>>SML's supporters represent a who's who of IT
>>vendors: BEA Systems, BMC Software, Cisco
>>Systems, Dell, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel,
>>Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.
>>So, what are SML's prospects? It's still early,
>>but things look good. A second version of the
>>spec was published in November, and the group is
>>aiming to turn its work over to a
>>still-to-be-named standards body sometime this
>>quarter--with a goal of creating a standard
>>sometime next year.
>>It's no surprise that many of the players behind
>>SML are also architecting their management
>>products around configuration management
>>databases, or CMDBs. The easier it is to bring
>>asset data into CMDBs, the more they will be
>>adopted by customers. If you're interested in
>>SML and simplifying IT management, go deeper
>>into this story by reading our
>>analysis of CMDBs:. Also check out our in-depth
>>analysis of the leading service-management
>>vendors and
>>the low down on ITL, or IT Infrastructure
>>Library, another major industry effort to
>>standardize IT management best practices.
>>Also this week, editor in chief Art Wittmann
>>up his coverage of the DEMO conference, where
>>brave souls put on live demos of new IT products
>>and services. Not surprisingly, Art saw plenty
>>of new Web 2.0-style products, but also noted a
>>dearth of serious enterprise-scale offerings,
>>leading him to note that DEMO doesn't do
>>Richard Karpinski
>>Modeling Language Manages IT Assets
>>By Andrew Conry-Murray
>>The SML standard establishes a common vocabulary
>>for disparate tools and has the backing of some
>>big vendors.
>>  Service
>>Delivery Modeling Strategies
>>  IT
>>Best Practices With ITIL
>>  CMDBs:
>>An IT Goldmine?
>>NWC Interview: Jon W. Dudas, U.S. Patent and
>>Trademark Office
>>By Andrew Conry-Murray
>>The undersecretary of commerce for intellectual
>>property and director of the U.S. Patent and
>>Trademark Office explains why more rejections
>>are actually a sign of success.
>>IT: The More Things Change ...
>>By Hunter Metatek
>>On the surface, IT seems to be in a constant
>>state of change. But beneath the churn of
>>technology, the profession is guided by
>>long-standing principles.
>>WAN optimization is a rapidly evolving
>>technology. These appliances claim to make more
>>efficient use of your WAN by reducing the amount
>  >of traffic traversing the network. They do this
>>by using compression and data reduction (think
>>of data reduction as compression on steroids).
>>We want to know your thoughts on this subject as
>>well as capture enterprise interest in WAN
>>take our survey, the results of which will be
>>tabulated and reported in a feature story in an
>>upcoming issue of Network Computing.
>>8 Common WAN Acceleration Challenges and How to Avoid Them
>>This technology brief, compliments of Silver Peak Systems,
>>covers 8 of the most common WAN acceleration challenges
>>and provides proactive guidance on how to avoid them.
>>OneCare Fails Vista AV Tests
>>Microsoft's own antivirus software was one of
>>several Vista-compatible programs that failed to
>>sniff out all the malware currently loose in the
>>wild, a noted testing publication said Friday.
>>Hiring Soars in India, Good Managers Are Hard To
>>Tech vendors plan to hire tens of thousands of
>>employees in India in early 2007. But lack of
>>leadership is forcing some to put staffers on
>>the fast track to management and recruit U.S.
>>Vista May Corrupt iPod Music Players, Apple Says
>>Upgrading to Vista may result in the inability
>>to play songs purchased from the online iTunes
>>store; other problems "may corrupt your iPod,"
>>Apple warns.
>>Activation Keys Plague Windows Vista Family
>>Users attempting to install copies of the Home
>>Premium Edition purchased through the discount
>>program got error messages indicating that the
>>registration keys they received from Microsoft
>>are invalid.
>>From DEMO 2007
>>By Art Wittmann
>>This week finds me at DEMO 2007. Chris Shipley
>>now drives this show, and quite honestly, it's
>>not an obvious fit for Network Computing. The
>>technologies discussed tend toward the consumer
>>side, or at least toward enabling B2C business.
>>If one could find a theme in this morning's
>>demos, it would be Web 2.0-ification of
>>everything. Most applications shown were all
>>about improving the end-user experience of
>>Web-based apps. So far there have been a few
>>Doesn't Do Complexity
>>By Art Wittmann
>>DEMO continued this afternoon with another spate
>>of vendors--you guessed it--demoing their
>>products. The format of DEMO is an interesting
>>one. Each vendor gets six minutes to show off
>>its product, and the time limit is strictly
>>observed. If the product is intended to be used
>>with the Internet, then that's how it's shown.
>>If the vendor runs its program against Amazon
>>and Amazon slows down at that moment, well tough
>>luck. It's a very interesting format, especially
>>for consumer products, but it's another matter
>>for complex enterprise products.
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Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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