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Subject: Enable caching of resource content on the client

As mentioned in one of the WSRP calls currently caching of content 
served through resource URLs on the client is basically not possible for 
resource that are served through gR.
Reason for this is that the resource URL that the consumer produces 
needs to contain all nav state of all portlets on the page in order to 
allow the gR call triggered with the URL to produce markup that contains 
WSRP URLs again. This means that the URL will likely change for each 
request and there will always be a cache miss on the client.
So basically there are two different use cases:
1. render a resource that contains no or only resource WSRP tokens
2. render a resource that may contain any WSRP URL token

Solutions I see:
1. say that the requiresRewrite is used to distinguish between these two 
different use cases
drawbacks: excludes use cases that only use namespacing or resouce URLs 
and would normally be cachable

2. introduce a new attribute wsrp-markupContainsPortletURLs to 
distinguish between these two use cases
drawback: needs a spec change

If we decide to open the spec for fixing gR I would opt for 2. if not 
stick with a clarification to allow 1.



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