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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Extension Proposals for F2F

Could you prepare both a 1 slide summary (for use in the overview/prioritization discussion) and a discussion-oriented slide set for each proposal?

To make sure I have a basic understanding:
1. We have had quite a bit of discussion in the past, effort is to press toward completion

2. Goal is a Consumer moving from using a test Producer to using the equivalent Production Producer. WSRP v2 now supports moving the customized portlets, but if there were customized registration properties, there is no in-protocol means for moving these.

3. How to use XHR with the WSRP protocol has been an interesting discussion in the past. Lets make sure we fully develop what can be done with the current protocol (i.e. primer section) before we launch too far into extension ideas. Also, I will try and bring a summary of what is happening in the OpenAjax discussions so that our discussions can hopefully move toward leveraging their efforts as well.


From: Nathan E Lipke <nlipke@bea.com>
To: wsrp <wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date: 03/06/08 04:31 PM
Subject: [wsrp] Extension Proposals for F2F

I would like to discuss the following proposals:
1.        Finish the Multiphase Render proposal (HEAD section markup)
2.        Export Registration Properties - Allow a complete propagation of a producer.

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