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Subject: Re: [wsrp] WSRP TC Call November 5, 2009

Proposed errata are up as items 3 and 4 at:


Not sure what the status of items 1 and 2, so I left them as-is.


Nathan Lipke wrote:
4835E83E-000F-4FC9-98E1-1C5E2C6E0B85@oracle.com" type="cite">
  • Attendees
    • Kevin
    • Nate
    • Dina
    • Scott
    • Rich
  • Minutes
    • Discuss events and payloads
      • Event Payload Name will match the event name
        • Violates opaque requirement (aliases)
        • JAX-B top-level naming
        • Kevin to write up errata
      • Simple types defined in JSR-286
        • How to send over the wire
          • Nate write up extensions for simple types
      • Type attribute is the payload's content type
    • Public navigational parameters
      • clear & new-value in the same URL (e.g: p1&p1=x OR p1=x&p1)
        • Kevin to write up errata on wiki

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