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Subject: RE: [wsrp] TC Call Feb 25 2010

I don’t have an issue to an array of properties (event with the same name) but an issue with the value of a property being an array of arbitrary values  rather than a single value as with events.  It’s a bit weird to have a property value that should only be a single “int” and have to treat it as an array of int.  How do you provide a schema that it should only be a single value when WSRP schema says you can have an array of values?  For events on other hand, if I have an array, I have to explicitly provide an array schema type that results in a root element that encloses the array items.


The other point had to do with convenience default payload and property values -  “namedStringArray” and “stringValue”.  Once you’ve coded to <any>, these conveniences just get in the way.  And here’s another point:  having specifically named elements within EventPayload and Property made some sense when the <any> had to be from “##other” namespace.  However, if we move towards making <any> being in the “##any” namespace, these specifically named elements are definitely not so relevant.   


Neither of these issues cannot be worked around and yes it could be considered cleanup.  For me though, property value above seems more wrong.




From: Nathan Lipke [mailto:nathan.lipke@oracle.com]
Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2010 11:49 AM
Subject: [wsrp] TC Call Feb 25 2010



  • Nate
  • Kevin
  • Dina
  • Nader



  1. Discussion on Cookies:
    1. General need for a white-paper and/or primer. A lot of details need defining.
    2. Worked on wording of Errata
    3. Will put up for vote on TC this week.
  1. Events
    1. Interop testing needed. 
    2. Will discussion table until this is better understood.
    3. Nader: Says NamedString array should not be in the WSDL, rather it should just be a type.
  1. Properties:
    1. Nader wants to know why they're in an array.
    2. Nate: Because they may be multi-valued.

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