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wsrp message

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Subject: Closing down the WSRP committee to continue

I did a quick review OASIS TC Process

For both the current and forthcoming (Takes effect October 15th) Processes we have fallen below the minimum (5) voting members. Therefore: We either need to close the committee or recruit new voting members.

Here's the relevant sections from the new process:
"Minimum Membership" means five Voting Members of a TC (or, in the case of a TC about to be formed, five Eligible Persons), at least two of which represent OASIS Organizational Members.

2.15 Closing a TC

A TC may be closed by Full Majority Vote of the TC, by Resolution of the OASIS Board of Directors, or by the OASIS TC Administrator.

The TC Administrator must close a TC that has completed the deliverables listed in its Charter if the TC does not add new deliverables or that fails to elect a Chair for the period provided in Section 2.7.

The TC Administrator may close a TC that fails to conduct at least one Quorate Meeting or conduct any Work Product Ballots during any six month period; whose membership falls below the Minimum Membership; which has not completed its deliverables within the schedule listed in its Charter; or which has failed to show progress towards achieving its purpose as defined by its Charter.

We should discuss this week which is most appropriate and what options are available to keep communications  (e.g. a mailing list) open.



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