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Subject: WS-Security 1.0 Support

Kindly please answer following question.
Thanks in advance.
1) WS-Security v.1.0 Support
Which vendors are currently supporting the WS-Security v.1.0
specification such that they support the final version of the WS-Security
namespace (assuming this is the frozen namespace v.1.0):
2) In particular is IBM WSDK 5.1, Microsoft .NET1.1/ WSE supporting or will support
within Q4 '03 the latest namespace of WS-Security?
3) Namespace Mismatch Issue
The reason for above question is obviously concern for SOAP Message Security
interoperability is somewhat depdendent on the namespace assumption used (i.e.,
WS-Security XSD schema specs) used in a SOAP client and a SOAP service. If
the SOAP client uses e.g., uses an older implementation of WS-Security (e.g.,
Verisign TSIK v. 1.7) that has
following namespace:  




then obviously such a client and service interaction will fail due to
security non-interoperability.
4) Rationale for WS-Security Versioning Scheme
Lastly why did the OASIS WSS TC decide to embed explicitly
the WS-Security (in particular the SOAP Message Security
Specification) release date into the XML namespace for its XSD
schema specification? Such version management practice is
bound to cause interoperability challenges that could have easily
been avoidable with expressing the versioning information as an
XML attribute (e.g., <xsd:attribute name="version" type="xsd:string">)
which is consistent with the way the OASIS SSTC/SAML TC
dealt with security schema specification evolution issue.
Even if OASIS WSS TC does make the change w.r.t. #4, I'm
curious how to deal with #3 unless vendors will support #1

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