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Subject: Question on wss-interop2-draft-06.pdf


I need a bit of clarification on scenario #4.

Lines 175-178 in [1] state that the response is signed first and then 
encrypted, with the signing key provided 'externally'. I am interpreting 
this as out of band (e.g. there is no certificate or key directly 
embedded in the response message).

Further reading of lines 331-334 in [1] implies that the actual 
certificate value is used (reference to CERT-VALUE):

"The KeyInfo MUST contain a SecurityTokenReference. The 
SecurityTokenReference MUST
contain a KeyIdentifier with a ValueType attribute with a value of 
X509v3. The KeyIdentifier
MUST have the value of CERT-VALUE."

Additionally, the example shows the ValueType for KeyIdentifier as 
"X509v3" (line 396 in [1]).

Finally, if the intention here is an actual certificate reference (e.g. 
use of the subject public key identifier), shouldn't
the <wsse:KeyIdentifier> element use wsse:X509SubjectKeyIdentifier as 
the ValueType according to [2]? (lines 200-202)

"The wsse:KeyIdentifier element MUST have a ValueType attribute
with the value wsse:X509SubjectKeyIdentifier and its contents MUST be 
the value of the
certificate’s X.509 SubjectKeyIdentifier extension"

It seems as if there is a contradiction between the interop2 draft 6 
document and WSS-X509 draft 10 with regards to the
allowable attribute value(s) for the <wsse:KeyIdentifier> element. The 
latter mandates te use of wsse:X509SubjectKeyIdentifier while the former 
an example using X509v3.

Please let me know if I have misread this or if this issue has already 
been discussed. It seems important for the interop to work properly.

[1] wss-interop2-draft-06.pdf
[2] WSS-X509 draft 10.pdf


Blake Dournaee

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