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Subject: [ACTION] Review new working drafts - WD03

As Robin Cover was preparing the CSD01 docs he found a number of link errors. Yesterday, I scrubbed each of the documents. The only doc that did not have any problems (that I found) was the REL Profile spec. For all others, I created and uploaded a WD03.



We need to have a new vote to move these updates to CSD and then to public review. We will do this on the next call – Wednesday, March 23rd. Post all comments and questions to the list. Please, DO NOT wait until the next call to raise issues.


The types of errors were quite varied and included:

·         Incorrect or invalid INTERNAL references.
This was probably the largest group. I expect most of the errors were caused by a combination of many years of doc format conversions and the use of multiple versions of multiple tools. E.g. one link was ../../../../../Users/dturner/Documents/_WSS-M/Previous%20versions/wss-v1.1-spec-os-UsernameTokenProfile.doc#wss”. The “#wss” fragment was the ONLY part that was correct.

·         Typos in the URLs. e.g., http://www.docs.oasis... Instead of http://docs.oasis...

·         Invalid links because documents had been moved.
Where possible, I found the new URLs and updated the links. Some specs include references to working drafts. For those, I left the reference but chose to delete the hyperlink.

·         Incorrect formatting.
There were many links in the Reference section of the docs that had hyperlinks (with the proper URLs) but they didn’t look like it.




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