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Subject: RE: [wss] Some initial logistics for our upcoming meeting

I ran into similar issues.  I booked at $169/day.  I mentioned in order, "Web Services Security," "OASIS Web Services Security," and then "Sun."  This was mid-day yesterday.  Joel 
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From: Jeremy Epstein [mailto:jepstein@webmethods.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2002 1:26 PM
To: klawrenc@us.ibm.com; wss@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Karl F. Best; ckaler@microsoft.com
Subject: RE: [wss] Some initial logistics for our upcoming meeting

 Regarding the hotel... 

The meeting will be held, as described in the WSS-TC Charter [1] on September 4th/5th 2002

The meeting will be held at the Sofitel Hotel, Redwood City, CA (details below) For those of you not too familiar with the geography this location is quite close to the San Francisco International airport. 
Having stayed there once before, I'll tell you it's a *gorgeous* hotel, especially if your room faces the lagoon.

Date: Sept 4 & 5, 2002
Venue: Sofitel Hotel, Redwood City, CA
        223 Twin Dolphin Drive
        REDWOOD CITY, CA -  94065
        Tel : (+1)650/5989000
        Fax : (+1)650/5989383

        Nearest Airport: San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
        Other near Airports:  Oakland International Airport and San Jose International Airport (SJC)

        Meeting Name: Web Services Security Meeting (Required for Hotel room booking)

We have been informed that the hotel is offering a reduced room rate of  $149 (+ tax) per night, to be paid by the participant. For those that wish to stay in the same hotel the meeting is being held at. This rate is being offered until August 20th and should be bookable as of now.
I just made my reservations.  The hotel reservations people don't seem to know anything about the group, and the hotel sales department says that they have a contract but it hasn't been signed yet.  So they accepted my reservation, but they won't give the $149 rate until the contract gets signed.
Just in case others are trying to get reservations locked in... our travel people say that the key word in the above sentence is "should".

We are grateful to our meeting sponsor , Sun Microsystems for arranging and providing the meeting facilities for us.

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