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Subject: RE: [wss] Web Services Security Workshop...

Title: RE: [wss] Web Services Security Workshop...

First of all, the event in Boston on August 26 is called "Forum on Security Standards for Web Services." There was a deliberate decision NOT to call it a Workshop, as this as a specific meaning in the W3C standards process.

Although this event is jointly sponsored by OASIS and W3C, it is not an official part of any standard setting activity within either. The OASIS WSS TC will still not officially exist at that point. The W3C WSA WG is deciding how best to proceed on Web Services Security. Among the possibilities are a future Workshop on Web Services Security.

Two major points of agreement seem to be:

1) WSS should build on and be compatible with existing and soon to be completed security standards.
2) Different committees and organizations should avoid duplicating each other's work.

I think the main thrust of this Forum will to be put some details around these goals, by increasing understanding of what kinds of capabilities are needed, what is addressed by current standards efforts, how the pieces might fit together and where there are gaps and overlaps. Certainly speakers will implicitly or explicitly provide their vision of what Web Services security is about, but most of the presentations are intended to be primarily factual and informative.

There will be a panel and feedback from the attendees. The intention is to capture the comments and observations and pass them along to relevant groups within OASIS and W3C, but no formal process for doing this has been defined. It was explicitly agreed that this is in no sense a "last call" for ideas or requirements. In my opinion, if we can do no more than identify the areas in which there is broad agreement and those which are contentious, this will have been a useful exercise.

Because of the short timeframe, the planning for this event was extremely abbreviated. You can read about the event here: http://www.xmlconference.com/boston/key.asp

Very little more information about the event exists anywhere, because there was no time to agree on anything other than the essentials.


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> From: Munter, Joel D [mailto:joel.d.munter@intel.com]
> Sent: Monday, August 05, 2002 11:33 AM
> To: 'Oasis Web Services Security'
> Subject: [wss] Web Services Security Workshop...
> Will anything be "officially" discussed at the upcoming Web Services
> Security Workshop late in August?  What is the primary
> purpose and intent of
> this workshop?  Will the results of the workshop itself be
> brought forward
> into this TC?
> Thanks,
> Joel Munter
> Distributed Systems, Intel Labs
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