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Subject: [wss] Issue with Core Draft 3: When to use STRs, Direct References,or Key Identifiers

Sections 7.1 (beginning at line 617 of  Draft 3 of the core) through 7.3 
the Security Token Reference Element, Direct References and Key Identifiers.
I find the use of these varying forms of references confusing. Perhaps 
References and Key Identifiers are the 2 forms of STRs, but it looks like
there is also a n elemental form of STR that is neither a direct 
reference or
a key identifier.

The example beginning at line 637, seems to contain a "direct reference" 
(in the
section on STRs), which makes the distinction between STR's and direct
references difficult (for me) to understand.

The example in section 3.4 (line 278) seems to have been set up to do a 
reference by
wsu:id attribute value, although the reference is done by URI where the 
value of the
URI is the attribute value. Is this the prefered use model? or would we 
expect a simple
STR with a wsu:id value as apposed to a Direct reference/URI to be used?

The description of key identifiers seems to imply that Direct references 
are the
prefered form of reference, and where they cannot be used a key 
identifier is

I find this all very confusing. My intuition tells me that we need 
different ways to
reference tokens based on whether the token is in the msg or not, at the 
relying party
or not; but I don't see how any such distinctions relate to the use of 
the various
reference forms defined by the document

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