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Subject: [wss] QoP liaison statement

Title: QoP liaison statement

Colleagues - The WSS QoP Discussion Group has made significant progress since it was established as agreed at the first WSS Face-to-Face meeting.  The results of its work can be found at:-


There is a significant body of opinion that the topic of QoP for Web-services is an important, and even urgent, one.  The paper demonstrates that the problem is sufficiently well understood that a sub-committee of WSS could tackle it without impacting the schedule that has been established for the SOAP Message Protection specification.

We therefore request that the WSS TC consider forming a sub-committee to address this work, and include an agenda item in its meeting of 3rd Dec to discuss this request.

Zahid Ahmed, Commerce One Inc.
Martijn de Boer, SAP AG
Monica Martin, Drake Certivo Inc.
Prateek Mishra, Netegrity Inc.
Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce
Ron Monzillo, Sun Microsystems
Tim Moses, Entrust Inc.
Rob Philpott, RSA Security Inc
Gene Thurston, AmberPoint Inc

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