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Subject: [wss] UDDI liaison to WS-Security regarding Policy (related to QoPdiscussion)

AS a preface to this, let me state that I also sit on the UDDI-spec OASIS TC, and that Maryann Hondo (from IBM) is the liaison from the WS-S TC to the UDDI-spec TC. Maryann was invited to the last UDDI TC meeting and we had a discussion about policy and how it affects UDDI, especially in view of the December release of WS-Policy and related documents. The discussion is even more relevant in view of the QoP discussion we’re almost not having in this group ;)


The UDDI group would like to see a general policy TC be established with liaisons to many of the OASIS TC’s to develop a policy framework that can be used for more than just security policy (this is also my opinion, obviously). This would, for example, also include QoP related work. The UDDI V3 spec tried to articulate a model for policy but found there was little in the industry to leverage at the time. We would love to see this developed further as a separate TC. I’m sending this email to the group also representing Maryann’s opinion since she’s currently traveling and has no access to email.


I know this is short notice for tomorrow’s vote, but I’d like us to discuss this issue a bit more in this group, since it’s a decision that can affect a lot of other groups, and possibly the future direction of the WS-Security work.


  --  Toufic


Toufic Boubez, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer


LAYER 7 TECHNOLOGIES / Advancing the application network.


604.681.9377 x310 (w)   604.818.7683 (m)

tboubez@layer7-tech.com (e)  www.layer7-tech.com (w)

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