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Subject: Re: [wss] Minutes 1/14/03 Telecom

At 06:01 PM 01/15/2003, Flinn, Don wrote:
Attached are the minutes from the 1/14/03 telocom meeting.  Please send any corrections or clarifiactions to the list.

My remarks are captured as:

Jerry Swartz  The Policy Docs are from WS-I.  Many of these docs are an addendum to WS-Security.  Subject matter is what TC is talking about.  There is a large overhead to get a committee started.  To disband and start a new committee would be wasteful.


This is slightly inaccurate. I was referring to documents available at IBM's web site not WS-I documents.  Only one of them, specifically WS-SecurityPolicy describes itself as an "addendum to WS-Security".

Also note that my name is spelled "Schwarz", not "Swartz".

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