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Subject: [wss] issue 61 - text proposal

I propose the following change in wording to address issue 61 for lines [742]-[749] in merged 
draft 9, 26 Jan 2003: 

"An XML signature may be used to prove that the claims in a token are confirmed by the 
signer. Proving possession of a key associated with a token key claim supports confirming the other 
token claims. The relying party acceptance of the claims may depend on confidence in the token integrity, 
such as validation of an authority signature on the token. Multiple tokens may have a key claim for a signature and may be referenced from the signature using a SecurityTokenReference. A key claim can be an X.509 Certificate token, or a Kerberos service ticket token to give two examples."

This is a minor revision of what I sent in late December.

regards, Frederick
Frederick Hirsch
Nokia Mobile Phones

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