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Subject: [wss] Agenda for WSS TC call on March 11th

Here is the agenda and logistics information for our call on March 11th. Please come prepared to discuss the latest specs that have been recently posted and also possible interop scenarios.

WSS TC Phone call
March 11th 2003

US Domestic number (toll free): 877 302 8255
International: +1 303 928 2609
Conference passcode: 3578623


1. Call to order, roll call
2. Reading of minutes of last meeting (Feb 25th)
3. Outstanding interop test issues (do we have any?)
4. Discussion of updated specs
5. Do we now have an "interop draft" ?

6. Discussion of scenarios for interop test
7. Discussion of next F2F place and time
8. Other business

9. Adjournment

Kelvin & Chris

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