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Subject: RE: [wss] Comments on X.509 profile

RE 1 and 2: We discussed this on one of the calls and edits were made to
the core specification to better explain the use of
SecurityTokenReference.  Can you take a look there and see if that
clears up either of the issues or if you still think we need additional
text in the token profile.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Moses [mailto:tim.moses@entrust.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 9:17 AM
To: 'WS-Security'

Colleagues - The most recent update of the X.509 profile was posted on
Jan.  I made the following comments on 11 Feb.  All the best.  Tim.

1. Is it desirable to use the same element as a reference and a
referent?  I
am referring t=
o the use of wsu:id in SecurityTokenReference and in the
BinarySecurityToken.  It wou=
ld preclude one from making a reference from a reference, at the very

2. In Section 3.4, the proposal should be more fully described.  I think
says that a ds=
:signature should contain the optional ds:keyInfo, which (in turn)
contain a S=
ecurityTokenReference, whose wsu:id attribute matches the wsu:id of the
rityToken.  Why would one not just put the wsu:id in the ds:keyName
of the ds:ke=

3. Under what circumstances would one need to reference an X.509
ng an =22encryption=22 key?  Perhaps, to provide the encryption key of
message ori=
ginator?  Personally, I prefer to use a policy mechanism for this
Should not=
 this profile describe how to convey a SKId or IssuerSerial?

4. It may be necessary to convey more than one certificate.  It should
explained whic=
h elements have to be duplicated in order to convey multiple
If there ar=
e multiple certificates and CRLs, then they are not all referenced
by a Securi=
tyTokenReference.  Rather, they may be referenced by conventional X.509
 from another certificate.  This should be described.

5. In Section 3.6, it isn't clear to me why are we stating such a soft
requirement for erro=
r codes?  I suppose it is only necessary that both parties agree how to
indicate that the=
re IS an error.  However, is there a good reason for not requiring that
 support some common codes?

All the best.  Tim.
Tim Moses

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