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Subject: New OASIS web pages are live again

The new OASIS content management system went live again today and seems to be behaving much better now. Please visit our WSS TC page  [1] and let me know of any problems you encounter. I have tried to set things up in a way that will look somewhat like our old TC page and I have tried to provide a set of convenient links. Some of this has involved quite a bit of experimentation on my part and I think I am pushing the tool into some new areas !! Here are problems I already know about and have reported to the OASIS staff.

1. The e-mail archives for March 2003 for our TC are missing

2. The links to draft 11 versions (clean and marked-up) of the "core" specs seem to be broken, the links to all other docs seem to be working. I have provided a page of links to our old documents to help you still find them (there is a link off our new home page to that list)

3. Our spec documents did not get bulk imported into the document repository as I was hoping they would. I am in the process of uploading at least our most recent drafts manually this weekend.

This has been a lot of work but I think we are finally (mostly) there. Steve has also been working hard to make sure all of our TC members are correctly listed and have the correct voting status etc. I appreciate your patience and understanding if you run into problems with the new system. Please report them to me and I will work with the OASIS staff to get them resolved if I cannot fix them myself.

I have given all of our editors write access to the document repository so that will allow them to upload documents directly in to the system without having to use me as a webmaster.

I will give you all a further update and answer any questions on using the new system on Tuesday during our call.

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=wss


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