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Subject: Re: [wss] Re: Interop Ballot - update please read

Hi Bill, thanks for the note. As you will see from my mail below I totally agree with you about the voting process and acknowledged that that is the OASIS process in my mail. If you go look at the ballot form you will see that every voting member indeed does has the option to vote. My mail should be read as a suggestion only that folks coordinate amongst their colleagues. I probably should have worded my mail better and just suggest individuals try to coordinate with their colleagues before they vote - this achieves the same end result. As we agreed on our TC call yesterday we are just trying to use the tool here to have a straw poll and close a discussion that we started on our last meeting of who would be interested in taking part in an interoperability event - and specifically when. Every single voting member is free to vote in this straw poll and that is all it is just a straw poll not a formal vote in any way shape or form - and definitely not a thing that will affect membership status. We just want to figure out what date to pick for our next F2F meeting such that we can do an interop event and have as many companies as we can taking part to exercise the spec as much as possible

I will try and word my suggestions better in the future :-)


Bill Smith <bill.smith@sun.com>

03/26/2003 11:03 AM

"Hallam-Baker, Phillip" <pbaker@verisign.com>
Kelvin Lawrence/Austin/IBM@IBMUS, wss@lists.oasis-open.org
[wss] Re: Interop Ballot - update please read

My comments may be out of place since this is a straw poll and not a formal vote. However, it is my opinion that even in straw polls, the spirit of OASIS process should be adhered to.

Membership in OASIS TCs is determined by "Eligible Persons" as defined in the OASIS TC Process:

"'Eligible Person' means one of a class of individuals that includes persons holding individual memberships in the corporation, employees of organizational members of the corporation, members of organizations to which OASIS has extended the benefits of joint membership, and such other persons as may be designated by the board of directors."
From the section on voting:
Every member of a TC has a single vote. Organizations do not vote in TCs. Proxies shall not be allowed in TC voting.
While it may be desirable to learn the opinion of Organizations (read companies), formal votes and straw polls are not the mechanism by which to do so. I would suggest that if companies wish to make their opinions known, they caucus internally, and report back an opinion through one or more of their TC members.

Hallam-Baker, Phillip wrote:

This introduces the following problem, membership requires us to participate in X% of all ballots so people who not vote ....
I suggest we have a two stage vote process, each company gets one vote in the final ballot stage, the first stage is to determine which way a company votes based on its inputs.
Companies which vote different ways may have an image problem....
-----Original Message-----
Kelvin Lawrence [
Tuesday, March 25, 2003 1:29 PM
Interop Ballot - update please read

One of our members just pointed out to me that I probably should have asked that folks from the same company coordinate and have only one of them vote on the interop time frame preference . The Kavi system as far as I can tell is not setup to allow for "one vote per company" votes - and this makes sense given the OASIS process where all TC members get a vote. However, it would be great if folks from the same company could agree amongst themselves what their preference is and elect one person to vote on their behalf.

I hope you are all able to access the ballot!!


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