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Subject: Re: [wss] Question On STR usage attribute

>>>>> " " == Ron Monzillo <ronald.monzillo@sun.com> writes:

 > 	<xsd:attribute name="Usage" type="xsd:QName">
 > 		<xsd:annotation>
 > 		<xsd:documentation>This global attribute is used to 
 > 		indicate the usage of a referenced or indicated token within the containing 
 > 		context</xsd:documentation>
 > 		</xsd:annotation>
 > 	</xsd:attribute>

 > Does the definition of the usage attribute of STR allow for the
 > association of multiple usage annotations with an STR?

The text at line 615 of draft 11 suggests that multiple usages may be
specified via XML list semantics. 

 > I think the way it is defined, you can only associate a single value,
 > which itself may represent a combination of usage concepts, as long as
 > someone has gone to the trouble of enumerating the particular combination
 > you are interested in.

I think there is a more fundamental problem with the attribute as
specified. I don't understand why the usage attribute is typed as a
QName. My expectation would be that it be specified as a URI. Can
someone give my an example usage and its QName?

 > Of course this question presumes that there is or will be a use case that
 > requires that multiple usage annotations be associated with an STR.

              "I'm still here ya bastards" -- Papillion

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