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Subject: April 28-29 PKI Research Workshop Program

Quoting Frank, "some gentle spam to ensure that you all are aware of
this PKI Research Workshop's program."

<Sorry to the folks who are in SAML and WSS, you will receive two mails
- it IS turning into a spam :o(>

The 2nd Annual PKI Research Workshop is almost here: April 28-29, 2003
at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD.
The program features a broad variety of perspectives, new developments
and results on the use of public key technology for security decision
making. There are talks and panel sessions on human interface issues,
trust, identity management, SAML and of course PKI. The refereed papers
touch a variety of topics including authorization issues, enrollment,
novel architectures, CA for ad-hoc networks and much more. Get an update
on the field, compare notes with leading researchers, discuss the past,
present and future & bring your own Work-In-Progress for an evening
Sign up by April 22nd at http://middleware.internet2.edu/pki03/

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