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Subject: Re: [wss] Issue 65


This issue number 65, "Adding support for biometric authentication
to the UserName security token" is still open, but deferred until after
the interop.

A good thing really, as I've been busy trying to get the XCBF 1.0
CS into the OASIS Standard ballot process. I'll try to give this
item more attention in the coming weeks, so that after the WSS
interop I have something new to progress.


Kelvin Lawrence wrote:

Phil I think you got dropped from the call today before we got to issue 65. I took a todo to write to you and ask if 65 can be closed. We were of the opinion that given you have uploaded the new XCBF document that the issue was resolved but we were not sure. We marked the issue as closed pending me writing to you and you agreeing (or not). Please could you give us your view of the status of 65 - thanks.

I CC'd the WSS TC list on this mail and also please CC the list on your reply.


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