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Subject: Re: [wss] WS-Security IPR question

Hi Frederick, yes an IBM icense is also available.  I'll contact you off list so we can get the right folks connected.



04/23/2003 09:11 AM

[wss] WS-Security IPR question

I have a question regarding WS-Security licenses.

I understand the WS-Security Oasis IPR statement is at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/wss/ipr.php

Microsoft has a license  at http://msdn.microsoft.com/webservices/docs/wss_license.asp

Do IBM and Verisign have license agreements? If so, where may I find them?

Are the Microsoft (or other) contributors aware of any other required licenses that adopters of
WS-Security should be aware of?

I would appreciate the correct pointers, if available.

If no other licenses are available does that mean that only the Microsoft license is applicable? Is there a time frame for licenses to be made known, according to Oasis or other rules?


regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch
Nokia Mobile Phones

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