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Subject: Test Cases for Interop

We began thinking about how we would actually know if our product was ready for the Interop tests today. In the process we developed 14 "Test Cases" based on the 3 scenarios outlined in the most recent document that Hal sent out. The enclosed document specifies what each test consists of for both the client and server roles. So for example if Reactivity wanted to test against let's say your system, we would run 28 tests together (14 where we are client, 14 where we reverse roles) assuming that we both have implementations of clients and servers.
The document is meant as a starting point for the TC to begin to talk about the actual success/failure tests that will be done using the three scenarios. We can produce examples for each of the tests if that would be helpful to anyone else.
If you are strapped for time, let me give you some examples:
Test 1: Scenario 1 as it is described with successful response
Test 3: Scenario 1 as it is described with a bogus username, we expect failure
Test 4: Scenario 1 as it is described with a bogus password, we expect failure
Finally, I omit to say this in the document, but an acceptable mechanism of failure is to not respond at all, since there are security considerations with respect to responding with a Fault in a failure case.
Eric Gravengaard
617-256-0328 (mobile)
650-551-7891 (office)


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