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Subject: First draft of some TC milestones

As promised on the call earlier today I am posting a first draft of some proposed TC milestones, as a first cut at putting in place a roadmap to get us to a committee spec for V1. I took the helpful mail that Don Flinn posted and tried to fill in the blanks. I would ask that people comment on this in e-mail and we will discuss further at the F2F meeting next week. Please treat this as a draft to jump start the discussion and feedback is, as always, most welcome.


Functionality Freeze date for version 1.0. This could be a realistic goal, at this time.

After feedback is gathered from the interop event and that feedback has been reflected in an updated set of specs the TC could attempt to start to shutdown V1.0

Does the release of 1.0 have to wait until after the Interop test?

Yes, the point of the test is to find any major issues with the spec and allow the TC to discuss resolutions to those issues.  This will also help the WSS TC show the OASIS board that there exist some interoperable implementations of the spec.

Estimates for completing all drafts.

All drafts (of the core spec and the profiles the TC considers key for V1) could  be complete by July 31st (assuming the goals below)

Estimates for answering all issues.

The TC should be able to resolve all non-closed issues  by June 30th

Cut off date for issues, unless they are critical, i.e. an error in the spec.

It seems it should be possible to get all remaining issues raised by the next TC call after the F2F discuss at that call, and then discuss resolutions at call 2 weeks after that.


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