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Subject: WSS-SOAPMessageSecurity-12-04021 issues/edits

Some small issues/edits from reading half of the doc.

i) Line 186:

The xsd: prefix is also used in the document.

ii) Line 490 and globally:

"A string label" is, to me, a slightly vague definition
for ID attributes; would "An ID label" or some such be

iii) Line 544:

... The ValueType attribute s/allows/is/ a qualified name ...

iv) Line 547 and elsewhere:

If EncodingType is unspecified, I presume that means
base 64; should we say this explicitly? We say 'default'
in some places, but the meaning of that is not altogether
clear to me; I could misinterpret as schema default.

v) Lines 562-566:

Why is it RECOMMENDED that the namespace prefixes be declared
within the wsse:BinarySecurityToken element? They have to be
declared somewhere, in order for the QName to have meaning; so
I'm not sure what this recommendation is adding. If anything,
shouldn't we be requiring that exclusive c14n, if used,
include any non-visibly-utilized namespace prefixes in its
unsuppressed prefix list?

vi) Line 600:

... If a s/SecurityTokenRefeference/SecurityTokenReference is/ used outside ...

vii) Line 601:

... reference s/are// MUST be ...

viii) Line 615:

Does wsse:Usage deserve to be a global attribute? It only
appears to be used once.

ix) Lines 703, 708 and elsewhere:

703: The ValueType attribute is used to optionally indicate
708: The optional EncodingType attribute is used to indicate

If we don't intend a different meaning, I'd suggest
standardizing on the form of line 708.

x) Line 726:

... is used to s/embedded/embed/ a token ...

xi) Lines 730,733:


xii) Line 765:

... Additionally, s/defined for// e-mail addresses ...

xiii) Lines 768-777:

Is the font off?


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