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Subject: A thank-you and a reminder (we are having a call next week)

Just a reminder, we will be holding our regular WSS TC phone call next Tuesday (June 17th). I will try and post an agenda and call-in number asap. The focus of the call will be to review actions and issues remaining after the F2F this week and to discuss the set of interop scenarios for the second round of testing as discussed at the F2F.

I think we had a really good meeting the week in San Francisco. Whether you attended in person or by phone, whether you attended the entire weel or just a part of it, I hope you will agree we as a TC have made a lot of very good progress and I believe there is light visible at the end of the tunnel - thanks everyone for all the hard work both with the interop and the TC meeting and I am grateful for the very constructive discussions this week. Have a great weekend and talk to you all on Tuesday.


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