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Subject: Interop brainstorming table

At the end of the F2F I agreed to post the table we developed while brainstorming areas that we need to focus on for the second interop. Here it is (a version of this is also in the Thursday minutes)


Next interop  (candidate list)

1. * Signature transform
2. - X509 Multiple certs - PKIPATH/pkcs7 in in binary security token
3. - Embedded
4. - Negative testing (Fault codes)
5. ? Timestamps in combination with signatures (expiration)
6. - Token ref proc order (pending issue)
7. * Different elements signed with diff certs (more complicated things)
8. - Multiple security headers
9. -
A. - attachments (pending new issue to discuss remove 9.3)
B. * reference list
C. ? Encr and sig in different order (depends on issue res)
D. - Direct references (URIs) pull model
E. - Encoding types


* = Need to test
? = Depends on issues resolution (may just be a spec change) otherwise test
- = Don't need to test

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