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Subject: Re: [wss] Minutes for F2F, Morning Wednesday 11 June 2003

At 03:18 PM 6/11/2003, Steve Anderson wrote:
>Plan to update with attendance after close of F2F.
Extract from minutes.

 >    62 OPEN Versioning Mechanisms

- Kelvin: Jerry did send proposal to list
- Jerry not on list

I wasn't there, but I think that must have been "Jerry not on call".

- Chris: there was discussion on last call on different mechanisms
- thought Jerry was going to propose specifics
- Tony:
- Chris: Thomas posted comment about our QNames, based on URIs,
   implicitly having version information
- seems very straightforward, and would solve the problem
- QName's namespace identifier has the URI
- Resolution: Adopt a versioning scheme that has version information in
   the URIs
- [ACTION] Editors to add text for QName versioning solution
- change to PENDING

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