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Subject: Proposed Interop2 Scenarios

Here are four proposed scenarios to test the remaining aspects of the X.509
profile. Please comment. I will be working in parallel on detailed writeups.

Scenario #4 Session Key

Simulate a previously exchanged symmetric session key. (agreed out of band
for the Interop)

Just like scenario #3 (sign and encrypt the body) except use a ReferenceList
in the Security Header to indicate the encrypted data (in place of

Scenario #5 Overlapping Signatures

Use one key to sign the body and a second key to sign both the body and a
timestamp in the header.

Scenario #6 Encrypt and Sign

Just like scenario #3 except first encrypt and then sign. Signature and
EncryptedKey elements appear in the opposite order.

Scenarion #7 Signed Token

Just like scenario #3 except signature also covers signing token. Security
Token Reference is is used with STR Dereference Transform.


Chris and Hal

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