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Subject: Minutes for 7/29/03

The minutes for the July 29, 2003 telecom is submitted.  As usual, all
corrections and omission are cheerfully received.  Please post them to the


Donald Flinn
Managing Partner
Flint Security
Phone: 781/856-7230
e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu


Minutes July 29, 2003

Summary of Minutes:

Roll Call – Quorum Achieved
Previous minutes – Approved

Outstanding Action Items:
Hal to complete spreadsheet from first interop.
Chis needs the names of all participants in interop and will set up a
private e-mail list to coordinate the interop.  Get your name to Chris if
you will be in the interop so that you can be included in this private

New Action Item - Tim and Merlin to work on text for signing anything which
includes an STR.

Minor editorial tasks needed on the documents.
Interop document – Hal summarized it and requested that everyone look it
over and comment as soon as possible.
There was a discussion on the compatibility of the X.509 document with the
upcoming interop.  Phillip will update the X.509 document as per the

31 and 82 still open.  15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 pending.  (See raw notes
for details.)
New issue: Profiles must define what value is implied if a specific value is
not specified.

Version V1 of the specification:
On the next call, the goal is to close all version 1 issues and then to move
for vote on the core and X.509 and Username profiles.  The vote will be to
move the three documents to Committee Spec, which will begin the review

=== Raw Notes ===
Outstanding Action Items:
Hal has not completed updated version of spreadsheet from the first interop
Chris: to coordinate interop names.  Request that all potential participants
submit their names to Chris

Ron – no new document but has received two comments
Tony – Has sent a message on the core

Interop Document
Hal – Scenarios have continues the numbering from the last scenario and
added a text name for each.
S4 - Session Key – In some previous exchange the two parties are to have
agreed on a symmetric key
Encrypt uses this key
Verify using appropriate certificates
Request & response same as before

S5 - Overlapping Signatures
There are two signatures where one signature overlaps the other.
No encryption
Response not encrypted

S6 – Encrypt and Sign
Request Body encrypted and signed
Response Body encrypted and signed. Encryption and signature keys reversed.

S7 – Signed token
Request body signed and encrypted
Signature also protects token by means of enclosed STR security de-reference
Signature over both encrypted token and body
Response body signed and encrypted with key reversed.

Discussion of the X.509 profile with respect to the interop.
	Concern that it doesn’t conform to the Interop scenario.
	Phillip took an action item to revise the X.509 profile to make it
compatible with the interop

Tim – concerned that progress in X.509 profile is not sufficient for the
Jerry –X.509 doesn’t conform to Interop scenario.
Tim – X.509 doesn’t include transform.
	How to do encryption on X.509 not fully defined
	Tim – haven’t decided if or when to use the transform
	Decryption transform is questionable
All Profiles must say key identifier is not used or, if used, which one
used.  Specify the key and certificate. Can be optional as long as each
profile has a default
	Jerry – In the X.509, the signature must be validated using a DN name.
Need to add the possible use of a token reference
	Rev of core is also needed on decryption transform. This item is in the
issues list.

Question about the WSDL for the interop.  Hal – Copied the latest WSDL from
the last interop document.  If there is any problem with that WSDL let him

31 – Open: Being worked at Oasis level
62 – Text added – Closed
69 – Closed: All profiles now call out how Key Identifiers are used.
74 – Closed
82 – Open
90 – Closed
99 – Closed: Profiles must define what value is implied if specific value is
not specified. (*New issue)
104 – Closed: Text added
105 - Closed
109 – Closed Text added
113 - Closed Text added
115 – Pending Phil to make edit
120 – Pending: Editor to post update to Username Profile
121 – Pending: Editor to post update to Username Profile
122 – Pending: Editor to post update to Username Profile
123 – Pending: Editor to post update to Username Profile
124 – Pending: Editors of profile to update
125 – Pending:  Editor to post update to Username Profile
126 - Closed

Tim – Signature transform.  X.509 doesn’t make use of the signature
transform. Merlin has defined new transform.

Tim and Merlin to work on text for signing anything with STR included in it.

When will next interop take place?
Chris to set up private e-mail list with details.  Need to send e-mail if
you want to
Between now and next call look at Hal’s interop doc. And sign up

When are we ready to go to version 1
	Next Call
	Close all V1 Issues
	Go for vote on Core, X.509 and Username Committee spec to begin review



Attendance of Voting Members taken by Steve Anderson

  Gene Thurston AmberPoint
  Frank Siebenlist Argonne National Lab
  Merlin Hughes Baltimore Technologies
  Irving Reid Baltimore Technologies
  Peter Dapkus BEA
  Hal Lockhart BEA
  Symon Chang CommerceOne
  Thomas DeMartini ContentGuard
  Guillermo Lao ContentGuard
  TJ Pannu ContentGuard
  Shawn Sharp Cyclone Commerce
  Sam Wei Documentum
  Tim Moses Entrust
  Toshihiro Nishimura Fujitsu
  Jason Rouault HP
  Yutaka Kudo Hitachi
  Maryann Hondo IBM
  Don Flinn Individual
  Paul Cotton Microsoft
  Vijay Gajjala Microsoft
  Chris Kaler Microsoft
  Chris Kurt Microsoft
  John Shewchuk Microsoft
  Prateek Mishra Netegrity
  Frederick Hirsch Nokia
  Senthil Sengodan Nokia
  Ed Reed Novell
  Charles Knouse Oblix
  Steve Anderson OpenNetwork
  Vipin Samar Oracle
  Jerry Schwarz Oracle
  Eric Gravengaard Reactivity
  Andrew Nash RSA Security
  Martijn de Boer SAP
  Pete Wenzel SeeBeyond
  Yassir Elley Sun Microsystems
  Jeff Hodges Sun Microsystems
  Ronald Monzillo Sun Microsystems
  Jan Alexander Systinet
  Don Adams TIBCO
  John Weiland US Navy
  Phillip Hallam-Baker VeriSign

Attendance of Observers or Prospective Members

  Derek Fu IBM
  Howard Melman Novell
  John Hughes Entegrity

Membership Status Changes

  Rich Salz Data Power - Granted voting status after call
  Ganesh Vaideeswaran Documentum - Lost voting status due to inactivity
  Stuart King Reed Elsevier - Lost voting status due to inactivity
  Morten Jorgensen Vordel - Lost voting status due to inactivity

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