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Subject: Issue 99: KeyIdentifier without ValueType

Issue 99 relates to the semantics of a KeyIdentifier without

  Resolution: "Profiles must define what value is implied if specific
  value is not specified"

I don't see how this makes sense: A Security header does not
explicitly indicate that it conforms with a particular profile,
so how do I determine which profile a KeyIdentifier fits. If
this is somehow implicit, what happens if a message employs
two profiles?

I'd suggest that we either make ValueType mandatory, although
I know it is late in the day for such a suggestion, or else
that we state that an unspecified ValueType is interpreted
in an application-specific manner.

Further, the text currently states that 'any value specified
for binary security tokens [...] can be specified here', which
seems odd - why not just let profiles define KeyIdentifier
ValueType QNames. In many cases, there will be no 1:1 mapping
between KeyIdentifier types and token types; e.g., a
KeyIdentifier ValueType of wsse:PKCS7 makes no sense.


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