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Subject: minor WSS-SOAPMessageSecurity-15-merged edits

Some minor edits, promised long ago:

10 Security Timestamps:

Ll 1192 and 1196 duplicate the sentence
'Implementations MUST NOT generate time instants that
specify leap seconds.'

Ll 1204: 'The ordering of elements in this header is fixed
and MUST be preserved by intermediaries.' - presuming that
'header' refers to wsse:Security, what relevance does the
sentence have to this section?

Ll 1206-1208: 'To preserve integrity of each <wsu:Timestamp>
element .. RECOMMENDED that each SOAP role create or update the
appropriate <wsu:Timestamp> element destined to itself ....' -
not sure that I get how this preserves integrity or what it means.

L 1220: s/Created/wsu:Created/

L 1229: s/Expires/wsu:Expires/

11 Extended Example

Ll 1306-1308: xenc:EncryptedKey needs a ds:KeyInfo, and would recommend
use of ds:IssuerSerial within wsse:SecurityTokenReference
as per last email. Or, to avoid the renumbering issue, move back
to ds:KeyInfo/ds:KeyName.

If we drop recommendation for exc-c14n, would suggest a move
to regular c14n in the example.

L 1381: example doesn't have the name of the key unless you revert
as per note above.

L 1475: s/Ids/IDs/... And, what is meant here by IDs? ID attributes?


L 1505: s/and use the <wsse:Nonce> element/and the <wsse:Nonce> element be used/


Ll 1518-1519: s/.*/Encryption Padding: The XML Encryption random block
cipher padding has caused issues with certain decryption
implementations; be careful to follow the specification exactly./

L 1520: s/recognizes on/recognizes/

L 1598: s/either to have/either have/

L 1599: s/be able/are able/

L 1628: Font wrong for wsu:commonAtts & wsu:Id

L 1628: In last row: s/dateTime/anyURI/

L 1651: What figure

L 1704: s/provide a hint as to the desired token type/defines the type of the key identifier and, consequently, identifies the type of token referenced/

L 1707: s/be specifying/by specifying/

L 1708: s/match identity/match an identity/

L 1712: s/refere nce/reference/


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