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Subject: Interop2 Draft 2 (.doc & .pdf)


1. Moved timestamps to back of security header (first thing inserted.)

2. Changed Scenario #5 to have a single Ping element, so as to conform to
WS-I Basic Profile. Added a new sub-element to Ping so we would have
someting to sign with the "inner" signature. This means we need a new Schema
for Ping. I believe the WSDL is ok. (Would somebody check?) Also switched
the labels in the example so the signatures are done in the order stated in
the text.

3. Scenario #7 changed the STR Transform to have a parameter of the C14n
transform as specified in Core-15. (Please see if I got the syntax right. It
isn't documented very clearly anywhere I could find.)

There is an open issue about the signed token in Scenario #7 raised by Tony.
THis requires some discussion, so I will post a separate message about it.




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