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Subject: VOTING STATUS and another REMINDER

As promised here is another vote update as we approach the end of the work week for most of us.  Again, the ballot is due to close on Sunday.  So far only 54% of the eligible voting TC members have voted (31 out of 57) even though the ballot has now been available since August 28th

It occurred to me that perhaps some people have not voted yet as they know one of their colleagues already has. Please remember that under OASIS rules, every TC member (one per individual, not one per company) has a vote.  If you have not voted for this reason please do go and vote today.

Also, I almost hate to bring this up given the problems we have had earlier in the week with the web site but please remember that under OASIS rules, (non)participation in formal ballots can affect membership status [1] in a similar way that missing meetings can so it really is important to take part in official ballots,

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#termination


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