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Subject: Re: Public review for WSS TC specs

Karl, here is the data you requested, sorry for the short delay I was on vacation last week, please double check my work here to ensure I have not made errors.

Please note, the link for the X.509 Token Profile has not been working 100% of the time (getting odd Kavi errors) can you please have someone check this out - thanks


OASIS members, XML developers, standards and industry colleagues:

The OASIS Web Services Security (WSS) TC has approved the Web Services Security: SOAP Message Security specification, the related XML Schemas and two token profiles as Committee Specifications,and now starts a 30 day public review prior to submitting this specification to OASIS members for consideration as an OASIS Standard, in accordance with "Section 2 Standards Process" of the OASIS Technical Committee Process document (see

The public review starts 19 September 2003 and ends 19 October 2003.

The Web Services Security: SOAP Message Security Specification is available at:

The two related schema documents areavailable at:

The web Services Security: Username Token Profile is available at:

The web Services Security: X.509 Token Profile is available at:

Comments are welcome from all interested parties and may be submitted to
the WSS TC comment list at wss-comment@lists.oasis-open.org. If you are
not yet subscribed to this list you will have to subscribe in order to
post a comment; go to

Any comments made can be viewed at

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