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Subject: Minutes of Telecom 10/7/03

Please forward any corrections and omissions to the list.



Minutes 10/7/03

Quorum achieved
Minutes of last meeting – Approved

The five action items that were assigned are:
ACTION - Kelvin will send a proposal on what comes after tcname relative to
issue 31.
ACTION - Issues 133 & 134 need to be check by Merlin Hughs
ACTION - Hal and Vijay to propose text for issue 137.
ACTION - Ron will start working on SAML interop next week.
ACTION - Kelvin to update the liaison list.
(NOTE: The action items are also included in the text below.)

Issue 3  Discussion of second interop results

Second Interop Results
·	Approximately 9 companies participated
·	One vender didn’t interoperate
·	No issues with spec
·	Some interop problems around using the encryption spec.
·	99% of the interops worked
·	Hal posted the final interop spec. with all the corrections.
·	Used a mailing list with end points listed.  Participants called to set up
·	In the future, may use a public chat board

It was noted that OASIS requires at least 3 attestations to successfully
using the spec.

Issue 4 Public Review status and current comments

Good detailed response from the WS-I group
WS-I found number of uses of MAY, SHOULD etc. not used a per spec

Item 5 Issues list review

31 – Pending - TC ok with OASIS namespace proposal for root.   ACTION -
Kelvin will send a proposal on what comes after tcname.
133 & 134 ACTION - need to be check by Merlin Hughs
135, 136, 138 to 151, 152, 156 to 158, 160, 163 are all pending and Editors
should address in Doc
137 Resolved – ACTION - Hal and Vjay to propose text
153 Pending - Needs a URI – editors to clarify sentence saying what Q name
to be used
154 Pending - Editors add a statement Key Id and Key name does not apply to
username tokens
155 Pending - remove non-normative references
159, 161 and 162 Pending - Phillip to add text
164 Closed - Result is already addressed in text.
165 – Open

New issues 166 Documents should be marked non-normative or normative as
		167 Add clarifying text to point out explicitly that the normative schema
can be found at the URL specified and downloaded

Action - Kelvin and Chris to send formal response to WS-I team

SAML profile is in good shape -  An interop to be planned for SAML.
 ACTION - Ron will start working on it next week.

Kerberos profile needs a good review and also needs interop.  Request from
WS-I. They looking for Kerberos from WSS.  Request - TC to please look at
the profile and send comments.

XrML profile to be proposed by TJ

Add a liaison to Government group.  ACTION - Kelvin to update the liaison

XCBF and Receipts proposals are still on the queue.


Donald Flinn
Managing Partner
Flint Security
Phone: 781/856-7230
e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu

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