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Subject: X.509 Profile Change log / Status update


	The following changes have been made to the X.509 profile. I am
aiming to complete the four remaining issues before sending out the next
draft later today or possibly tommorow.


Issue 156 [References] - Completed
	Fixed references in body of text
	Also added printable hyperlinks in references section
	Added missing references

Issue 157 Use of MAY instead of may - Completed
	Fixed in lines 221, 224

Issue 158 Section ending - Completed

Issue 162 Non Normative section 3.6 - Completed
	Have moved the non normative material to a new section 4.
	I prefer not to have non normative subsections in a normative one

Issue 163 Sentence not understood - Completed
	Added explanatory text

Issue 166 Normative/non normative secition marking - Completed
	Marked sections accordingly

Issue 222 Closed - Duplicate of 156

Issue 223 Duplicate of 31

Issue 224 Duplicate of 221
	We have agreed to use SOAP 1.1

Issue 225 Spelling - Completed

Issue 227 Add printable URLs of references - Completed

Issue 228 Reference to SOAP 1.1 - Completed
	The group has agreed to go with 1.1

Issue 229 Add missing references - Completed
	Added the missing ones

Still pending (working on these):

* Issue 159 Explanation of examples - Pending

* Issue 160 Explanation of core reference - Pending

* Issue 161 Error section Inconsistency - Pending

* Issue 221 Use SOAP 1.1 in all examples - Pending

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