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Subject: Resend Issue 200: SOAP Messsage Normalization

Oops, hit the wrong key

SOAP intermediaries are allowed to perform certain transformations on
messages that they forward which do not effect the semantics of the message,
but will invalidate the signature.

The SOAP Message Normalization Transform is designed to remedy this.

I propose we recommend the use of this.


in the table at line 828 add a second line:

Transform    SOAP Message Normalization

After line 831 insert:
The SOAP Message Normalization Transform addresses alterations that
intermediaries may make to SOAP messages. It should be used in conjunction
with a cannonicalization method whenever messages may pass through SOAP

We should also include it in the examples at 270, 969 and 1277.

As far as I can see, the SMNT is NOT required when using the STR Transform.
However, I am not completely sure about the effect of the rules relating to
Processing instruction and Whitespace instruction information. Can somebody
help me out here?

We should also fix the examples in the X.509 token profile at lines 286 and


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